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WINNERS - EXCERPT           

John Augers, a famous thoroughbred horse trainer and good friend to Harvey Ace, famous and infamous detective,  is murdered one midnight while staying overnight in his makeshift home away from home near to a sick horse he is caring for . He has his young autistic son with him as a object lesson in what his father does for a living.

    It is clearly an assassination as the murder was carefully planned with knowledge that his son would be with him. Harvey finds out about it early that next morning. John was close to him and the trainer of his own promising filly, won in a poker game.  He vows to find the boy alive, find the killers and kill them  -- and hold onto his filly and keep her safe when the loser in that poker game changes his mind. Ace is dealing with killers, and with friends who are not his friends but dangerous adversaries, everyone a gambler.  But Harvey is a winner.