Website of  Author Merle H. Horwitz

Merle Horwitz grew up in Pasadena, California, graduated from the University of Southern California, and attended Hastings and UCLA Law Schools.

Following a lengthy legal career as a trial lawyer, Horwitz turned to writing, a long time avocation. In addition to the recent Harvey Ace mystery novel WINNERS,  Horwitz  wrote  two Harvey Ace thrillers, BLOODY SILKS and DEAD HEAT in the early ‘80s.
His novel JUDGMENT HOURS is set in a Los Angeles courtroom where a celebrity’s problems are front page news.

Non-fiction books are LOVE IS LOVE BUT BUSINESS IS BUSINESS, a legal guide for partners living together, THE GREAT DELI COOKBOOK based on recipes from famed Junior’s Deli, and DEFEAT FORECLOSURE co-authored with realtor William Dorich.